Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today we found 69 cents in change and 66 bottles and cans.

Well looky here, check out this good-looking Tigger puppet doll we found at the car wash today. Our dog Lexi really loves these kinds of things because she thinks it a toy for her. Not this time little girl, old Tigger here is headed for the next year’s yard sale pile.

Money Report – On Michele’s early morning walk with Lexi, she came found a single dime. She came across the coin on Mill Street. A little while later we headed out on a bike ride. During that time we snagged another 44 cents (2 dimes, 3 nickels and 9 pennies). We found 4 pennies at the Depot, a nickel at Sweet Creations, a Nickel at Key Bank, a nickel at the Hair Salon, 15 cents at Luigi’s and a dime in front of the courthouse. The evening walk netted us another 15 cents. First we found 4 pennies at the car wash, then 1 penny at the skateboard park and finally, a dime in front of the courthouse again.

Good Night and Good Hunting~

Money Totals for 2007 – 128.23
Money Totals since Jan. 2005 – 511.22

Bottle and Can totals for 2007 – 7,133 – 256.65
Bottle and Can totals since Jan. 2005 – 34,370 – 1,719.50


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