Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Car!

Today we found 1.55 in change and 49 bottles and cans.

Money Report – July started off with bang for us here with a better than average day of coin finding. Michele scored 9 cents on her morning walk with Lexi. She snagged a nickel and penny on Pleasant and 2 cents on Main. We really cleaned up on the evening walk with 1.46 (4 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickels and 14 pennies). The majority of the coins were found at the car wash, most of which were lying on one of the vacuum islands. A few coins were spread out on the ground as well. We also picked up a dime on Main Street.
In addition to the coins, we came across a few oddball items that we’ll be adding to the pile for next year’s yard sale. One item from the movie cars (we sold the 4 we already had) two other cars and a rubber ball with the 4th of July motif.
Sox Talk – While Julian Tavarez pitched well, allowing only 2 runs in 5 and 2/3 innings, It was not good enough as Cameron Loe and the Rangers bullpen shutdown the Boston bats once again 2-1. Boston did have their chances to score more runs (11 lob) but aren’t doing the job with men in scoring position. I know; this is beginning to sound like a broken record. The real fact is, we should be winning against teams like this, but so far we’re sitting at a 1-2 mark. Let’s crank up the offense and get this engine running!

Good Night and Good Hunting~

Money Totals for 2007 – 119.01
Money Totals since Jan. 2005 – 502.00

Bottle and Can totals for 2007 – 6,723 – 336.15
Bottle and Can totals since Jan. 2005 – 33,960 – 1,698.00


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