Friday, July 06, 2007

Motown Mauling…

Today we found 1.75 in change and 36 bottles and cans.

Sox Talk - Coming off a 3-game sweep of the Devil Rays should have been a shot of adrenaline for the sox, instead, they came in Detroit barely awake. Starter Julian Tavarez was good through the first innings, but then the wall caved in as the Tigers exploded for 3 in the fourth and 5 in the fifth. Meanwhile, Detroit starter Andrew Miller found a way to befuddle the sox through 7 and bullpen mopped up for an easy 9-2. Hopefully we can turn things around tomorrow night.

Money Report – Michele started things off with a single penny find during walk which she found on Mill Street. A little later, we decided to head for a ride on the mountain bikes. During the trek we found another 49 cents (1 quarter, 2 dimes and 4 pennies). We snagged a quarter in the return slot of a newsstand at the post office, then scooped up 24 cents at the 7-11.

The rest of the finds came via the evening walk. First, we found a penny at Cumberland Farms, then 7 cents on Main Street (1 nickel, 2 pennies). The big came at the car wash where we found 1.30 in change (4 quarters, 2 dimes, and 10 pennies). All of the coins were found near the vacuum areas and the vacuum machines themselves.

Good Night and Good Hunting~

Money Totals for 2007 – 124.24
Money Totals since Jan. 2005 – 507.23

Bottle and Can totals for 2007 – 6,971 – 348.55
Bottle and Can totals since Jan. 2005 – 34,208 – 1,710.40


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