Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Godzilla…And His Friend The Horse.

Today we found 1.76 in change and 80 bottles and cans.

Having not seen any new trailers for the monster great, Godzilla, I was beginning to wonder what had become of him. Well folks, he’s alive and well. I found him down at the car wash with his old friend the horse taking in a little bit of the sunny weather. It’s funny, though, from watching his movies I thought he’d be much taller. That’s Hollywood for you.

Money Report – The coin finding couldn’t have been better on this sunny, but slightly humid day. Michele got things going with 3 cents on her walk. She corralled 2 pennies on Allen and 1 cent on Pleasant. We also headed out for a ride on the mountain bikes around noon where we were rewarded with 26 cents for our efforts (1 quarter, 1 penny). We found a quarter the car wash and a penny at the skateboard park.

The evening walk netted us an additional 1.07 (4 quarters, 1 nickel, and 2 pennies) We found the 4 quarters on one of the vacuum islands, and then 2 pennies on Main. We also added a nickel from the high school and a pair of reading glasses (1.75) to round things out.

Sox Talk – Well, we’re now 2 for 2 against the Devil Rays with a 7-5 victory. Tim Wakefield got the “W” and is now 9-8 for the season, not too bad for a guy who’s supposed to be the number four starter. As for the offense, that was led by All-Star Mike Lowell’s two run smash. Then only negative was the performance by Javier Lopez, who got cuffed around in relief of Wakefield. Still, he has been pitching well so I guess I can let that one slide. We go for the possible sweep tomorrow.

Good Night and Good Hunting~

Money Totals for 2007 – 121.77
Money Totals since Jan. 2005 – 504.76

Bottle and Can totals for 2007 – 6,894 – 344.70
Bottle and Can totals since Jan. 2005 – 34,131 – 1,706.55


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