Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little More Silver…

Money Talk – Well, the last two days have provided us here at One Coin at a Time with a whopping 6.66. Most of the total came from an area car wash with a few coins sprinkled in from other areas. However, the best find came via the local Hannaford’s supermarket where I spotted a dime on the floor. When picking it up it appeared to that silver look to it and sure enough, I was right. It was a 1947, and when showing it to gentleman just in front of me he said, “where did you find that?” I said, “on the floor”. And then he said, “You better buy a Power Ball ticket”, and I said, “I already have”. Unfortunately, my good luck with the lottery did not continue.

Sox Roundup – There was some good news in Red Sox land with regard to the just completed Baltimore series. The sox were able to take two of three on the road. The bad news is that Clay Buchholz was unimpressive once again, and because it, he has been sent down, not to triple-A, where I expected him to go, but to double-A. The question now is, who replaces him? Tim Wakefield is getting close, but is he close enough? Then there is the uncertainty of Josh Beckett, who has been experiencing tingling in two of his fingers on his throwing hand. While Tito Francona has downplayed the whole thing, one has to wonder if Beckett’s health is in order. Certainly this and Buchholz replacement questions will answered in the next few days.

Over and Out!

Money Totals for 2008 - 175.28
Money Totals since Jan. 2005 - 696.01


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